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March   21   Rearrange the pairs of letters
to make a word. The letters in each pair stay in order. Enter the word.
20   Fit the letters C F F F R T T  into the grid to make a word.
A  E E  E  

Enter the word.

19   The following clues define four 3-letter words and four 5-letter words. Each of the 3-letter words fits into the middle of one of the 5-letter words. Figure out the words and fit them into the square below.

Actress Ullman
Computer manufactured by Commodore
Full of vigor
Hoover, for one
President John
Russian fighter jet
"The King"


When you are done, enter the 5-letter words on the top and bottom rows.

18   Starting at the S and moving to adjacent letters horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, find a 2-word phrase describing something frequently found on the ceiling, using each letter at least once.

Enter the phrase.

17   Think of a 4-letter word for a direction. Remove the middle two letters and rotate the remaining letters 180 degrees to make the opposite direction. Enter either word.
16   Think of a 5-letter word meaning, roughly, rogue. Remove the first letter to make a word a part of a church. Enter either word.
15   Fit the letters A C E I L P P P R S T  into the grid to make two things that are frequently considered to be opposites.

Enter the two words.


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