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September   16   Rearrange the pairs of letters
to make a word. The letters in each pair stay in order. Enter the word.
15   Fit the letters C H L N R T  into the grid to make a word.
  A  A A 

Enter the word.

14   The following clues define eight 4-letter answers. Figure them out and fit them into the square below.

"Hey, I've got something to tell you!"
Compete in a certain track event
Congratulatory gestures
Part of an opera
Weather condition similar to fog
Word that comes before minor or major


When you are done, enter the four answers from top to bottom in one line, then press Submit.

13   Starting at the K and moving to adjacent letters horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, find the result of some motion, using each letter at least once.

Enter the phrase.

12   This is a phonetic puzzle. Think about pronunciation, not spelling. The solution words will use distinct spellings for the same sounds.

Think of a 4-letter form of transportation. Replace the first phoneme to make another 4-letter word that can describe crayons. Enter either word.
11   Think of a 7-letter mountaineering term. Remove one letter from the middle to make a word meaning, roughly, ok. Enter either word.
10   Fit the letters E E I P R S U Z  into the grid to make two words that form a common phrase.

Enter the phrase.


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