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May   22   The following clues define four 3-letter answers and four 5-letter answers. Each of the 3-letter answers fits into the middle of one of the 5-letter answers. Figure out the answers and fit them into the square below.

"In what way?"
Cheer heard a lot in Brazil during the World Cup
Items on a to-do list
Mouselike rodents
Person who takes your keys
Pose a question
Pub brew
TV offerings


When you are done, enter the 5-letter answers on the top and bottom rows.

21   Starting at the S and moving to adjacent letters horizontally, vertically, or diagonally, find a breed of dogs historically used for hunting, using each letter at least once.

Enter the phrase.

20   This is a phonetic puzzle. Think about pronunciation, not spelling. The solution words will use distinct spellings for the same sounds.

Think of a 6-letter word meaning, roughly, moves furtively. Remove the first phoneme to make a type of cat. Enter either word.
19   Think of a 6-letter word for a square in Italy. Remove one letter from the middle to make a food from Italy. Enter either word.
18   Fit the letters C C D E E H I K R T  into the grid to make two words that form a common phrase.

Enter the phrase.

17   Rearrange the pairs of letters
to make a word. The letters in each pair stay in order. Enter the word.
16   Fit the letters C D T T V  into the grid to make a word.
 E E  I E

Enter the word.


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