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The Year of Puzzles

The Year of Puzzles 2013

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Story by Emily Dietrich

Seattle by Parker Lewis
Portland by Patrick Berry
Washington DC by Parker Lewis & Roy Leban
Toronto by Roy Leban,
                Art by Jill Schmidt

Brussels by Dan Katz
Denver by Parker Lewis & Roy Leban
Berlin by Parker Lewis
Greencastle by Roy Leban
Nagano by Thomas Snyder
Canberra by Richard Garfield
Liverpool by Roy Leban
Oceanside by Eric Harshbarger,
                      Art by Jill Schmidt

Winnipeg by Mike Selinker
Casablanca by Mike Shenk
Yakima by Ken Jennings
Beijing by Will Shortz
Independence by Bruce Leban
Scranton by Joshua Kosman & Henri Picciotto
Welcome Home
The When Key by Parker Lewis
The Where Key by Roy Leban
The What Key by Roy Leban & Parker Lewis
An Undisclosed Location by Roy Leban

Welcome to the Year of Puzzles 2013, the year-long puzzlehunt of eighteen unique, wonderful, interconnected puzzles from Puzzazz. Each puzzle in the Year of Puzzles will be a great experience by itself, designed to challenge you just right to maximize your fun.

There will be puzzles that look like traditional puzzles as well as ones that don't look like any puzzle you've ever seen before.

Year of Puzzles, Berlin

Puzzlehunt authors love to create unique twists, so you might find a crossword mixed with a sudoku, a sudoku mixed with a word search, or a word search mixed with a maze, or you might see something that doesn't look like a puzzle at all, like a TV schedule, a pile of candy hearts, or a pizza. In the end, they all combine to form a larger, year-long puzzle through what's called a metapuzzle, which wraps up the puzzlehunt with a satisfying conclusion.

Every title at Puzzazz starts with a free puzzle, and the Year of Puzzles is no exception. The free first puzzle is a great one: a unique double spiral crossword. To solve, simply open the Year of Puzzles in the Puzzazz app on your iPad or iPhone and turn to the first puzzle.

Year of Puzzles, Seattle

If you prefer to solve on paper, we've got you covered too. Download the PDF here, print and solve.

And, if this isn't quite enough to whet your appetite, the Kickstarter campaign that launched the Year of Puzzles contained a complete free mini puzzlehunt -- 17 fun mini-puzzles, plus a metapuzzle at the end, a first on Kickstarter.


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