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Roy Leban

Roy Leban is a lifelong puzzle constructor whose puzzles have appeared in the New York Times, GAMES Magazine, and a multitude of other newspapers, books, and collections around the world. He has constructed thousands of puzzles ranging from crosswords to cryptograms to logic puzzles, and even some physical puzzles and games (notably WIM, the “the every which way word game”).

Between puzzles, Roy’s had time to build groundbreaking products in desktop productivity, early tablet computers, web publishing, and interactive education, shipping more than 30 products over the years. He has eleven patents and another dozen pending.

In his spare time, he is a photographer, gourmet pizza maker, and ambigrammist. He lives in Redmond, Washington, with his wife, two kids, three Nikons, way too many computers, a pizza oven, and a rabbit named Sherlock.

Fives and Threes #1
Fives and Threes #2
Logic Squares #1
Logic Squares #2
Sudoku 8, Volume 1
Sudoku 8, Volume 2
Sudoku 8, Volume 3
Sudoku 8, Volume 4
Sudoku by Fire Beginner #1
Sudoku by Fire Beginner #2
Sudoku by Fire Easy #1
Sudoku by Fire Easy #2
Sudoku by Fire Medium #1
Sudoku by Fire Medium #2
Sudoku by Fire Hard #1
Sudoku by Fire Hard #2
Winning Wordoku Easy #1
Winning Wordoku Easy #2
Winning Wordoku Medium #1
Winning Wordoku Medium #2
Winning Wordoku Hard #1
Winning Wordoku Hard #2
Cryptic All-Stars
The Case of the Missing Mask
Puzzle Author
Xwordz 4 Newbs
Killer Cryptics
The Year of Puzzles

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