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by Roy


One Hundred (More) Years of Crossword Puzzles

Saturday, the big news yesterday was the 100th anniversary of the first crossword puzzle by Arthur Wynne; today, the big news is the future of puzzles for the next 100 years.

Looking back, we just released the Crossword Centenary Compendium, otherwise known as the definitive roundup of puzzles, articles, videos, and more from the Crossword's 100th anniversary.

Looking forward, we're increasing our lead in providing the best way to solve puzzles in the digital world (we're still the only app, on any digital platform, where you can solve the print edition of the daily NYT crossword), and we've just released a wonderful book of Connect-the-Dots Crosswords from Elizabeth C. Gorski.

The Crossword Centenary Compendium

We've posted a few anniversary puzzles on our site by permission of the authors. In the puzzles by Roy Leban and Parker Lewis of Puzzazz, plus those by Ed Sessa and Joe Krozel, you'll see four very different takes on the same idea, and check out the New York Times December 21st puzzle by Todd Gross and David Steinberg for another take (if you have a Premium Crosswords subscription from the NYT, you can solve their puzzle in Puzzazz by clicking here).

We've also posted puzzles by John J. Bulten and Finn Vigeland, plus we have links to plenty of other anniversary puzzles. There's an amazing number of links to articles, videos, and interviews, and information on some great centennial books. And, oh yeah, a poem by Matt Jones of Jonesin' Crosswords.

Connect-the-Dots Crosswords

Elizabeth C. Gorski's Connect-the-Dots Crosswords is a fun collection of 10 new Sunday-size crosswords with an extra element, a connect-the-dots puzzle after you've filled it in. See if you can guess what it is before you reveal it. And, if that's not quite enough, you'll find the connecting lines float above the grid just a little bit for a really nice effect. You'll find Connect-the-Dots Crosswords in the Featured Books section in Puzzazz.

Happy Holidays!

We'll be marking the New Year with a few more books and the next installment in our Year of Puzzles.

Hope your holidays are good ones.

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