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by Roy


Burning the Bookshelf

I’m happy to say we’ve released a major upgrade to Puzzazz today, a new release designed to fit in perfectly with iOS 7. The highlights include a new look, improved performance, and more ways to find puzzles. Even the icon has been updated, and I think the new icon is a perfect synthesis between the Puzzazz aesthetic and Apple’s new design philosophy.

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Since the beginning, Puzzazz’s puzzle solving experience has been, literally, all about the puzzles. When you were solving a puzzle, the screen was filled with a clean view of the puzzle and nothing else -- no fake torn paper edges, snippets of unreadable articles from a fake newspaper, or a keyboard that looked like an old typewriter. In short, nothing to distract you from the puzzle itself. Our customers have loved it.

In redesigning for iOS 7, we’ve gone all in -- we've taken the beautiful, content-first design of our puzzle-solving experience and extended it to the rest of the app, making it easier and more natural to use. As we've been saying around the office, we tossed the wooden bookshelf on the bonfire. The new browsing interface fits iOS 7 perfectly while also working well on iOS 5 and 6.

While we've streamlined browsing, giving you quicker access to your content, and more ways to find it, including improved author pages, the essence of what has made our customers happy hasn't changed. Puzzazz is still the only app available, on any platform, which provides a full fidelity solving experience for New York Times Premium Crosswords subscribers, presenting the print version of the puzzle every day without losing any elements of the puzzle, and at no additional charge. For some Times crossword puzzles, we can even deliver an experience that goes beyond what you find in print (solve the October 1st Times crossword for a great example).

Our exclusive, award-winning TouchWrite™ handwriting recognition technology further enhances the experience, particularly on the smaller screen of the iPhone. And Puzzazz is loaded with features designed with solvers in mind, including clue highlighting and auto scrolling, intelligent cross-reference highlighting, clue notes, cell marking, full support for lefties, and multiple options for hinting.

All in all, it's a fantastic update to the premier app for your puzzle fix. We hope you like it as much as we do.

Read the press release here.

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