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by Roy


The Year of Puzzles

One of my favorite things is something called a puzzlehunt, a set of interconnected puzzles which combine to form a larger puzzle. But that’s just the tip of the proverbial iceberg. Puzzlehunts are filled with fun and unique puzzles, designed to challenge you just right to maximize your fun. Today, I’m excited to announce that Puzzazz is launching the Year of Puzzles, a year-long puzzlehunt filled with great puzzles by world-class constructors. Each month during the Year of Puzzles, there will be new and unique puzzle, frequently of a type you’ve never seen before, intertwined with an interesting and surprising story which will unfold over the course of the year.

Like every book we sell, the first puzzle is free. It’s a unique double spiral by Parker Lewis. Check it out in the Puzzazz app or, if you prefer to solve on paper, there’s a PDF you can download.

You might wonder how the Year of Puzzles fits into Puzzazz’s mission. We’ve already built the best way to buy and solve puzzles in the digital world, through the Puzzazz app available for iPad and iPhone (and other devices in the future). But our larger mission is to build up the world of puzzles in a way that benefits all of us, including puzzle solvers, puzzle authors, and puzzle companies like Puzzazz. We’re doing this by creating the best and easiest to use interface, including our exclusive TouchWrite handwriting recognition technology, and by supporting a huge range of puzzles. Whatever type of puzzles you like to solve, you can find them here. Puzzazz is the only app, on any platform, which supports the kickoff double spiral puzzle or the Rows Garden puzzle by Patrick Berry which will be up next. And you’ll see much more in the coming year.


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